About Me


Joshua Klinkenberger I am a video producer versed in all aspects of the production process; directing, producing, cinematography, camera operating, editing, motion graphics, audio recording/editing, color corrections and even writing and storyboarding. I have experience working on a range of projects such as documentaries, product pitches, presentations, YouTube videos, short films, and advertisements.

I’m drawn to video production by my passion for storytelling. When I first started out I simply told stories through filmmaking but once I started working on more marketing projects I quickly learned that having a compelling story is essential to nearly any video. In addition to telling great stories I strive to keep my productions lean by streamlining workflows and optimizing asset pipelines. All without compromise to quality or creativity.

I have also worked with design, photography, UI animation, UX research, and illustration. Since video production is both my passion and profession, I spend little time on other things, but when I do (insert Dos Equis joke), I like to play games, travel, hike, bike, organize things, draw, cook, and eat sushi. Yes I have a [healthy] obsession with organization.