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So while looking into a solution for my quick text replacement problem I generated a few ideas. The best Idea I had was to replace the fonts with a foreign font so that none of the characters would be recognizable but all the Asian-fonts in my font library use English alphabets in addition to kanji – so changing the fonts didn’t really change anything.

I started searching the internet for an un-legible font  that I could use. Unfortunately this would make the text look sloppy and distract from the design – but at least it would be work… or so I thought. Even the illegible fonts I found had easy to read numbers which partially defeated the purpose.

That’s when I found the ‘Scrapbook Chinese’ font. This font uses fake Chinese kanji in place of all English characters including numbers. Furthermore – many of the ‘letters’ are duplicates so someone wouldn’t even be able to take the time and decode the text. The only issue with this solution is that the Scrapbook Chinese font takes up a lot more space than standard fonts. To help compensate, I just adjust the horizontal scale and tracking of all text in a document.


Download Scrapbook Chinese Font

I used this method in this infographic (from the design portfolio page):

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