Interactive Kiosk Tablet for Valspar

This is a cool post from my old blog that I thought I’d re-post. Added some additional details and photos as well. Originally from 2011.

I’ve been working on an interactive application to be used by Valspar sales people in the field and at trade-shows. The application runs on a touch-screen tablet-PC and presents Valspar’s test method abilities and product lines.

A lot of the information in the application is proprietary so unless I export a version with generic copy – I can’t upload the actual app but I did get permission to show some screenshots.

The project took me about 150+ hours to complete and had was created start-to-finish in under three weeks. It wasn’t an issue for me since I love being at work and time flies by once you dig in to editing and animating. Now that I’m thinking about it, I prefer to be at work than at home! I created everything in the application including the graphics, design work, layout, animation, interactivity, shooting and editing all 12 videos, and I even recorded the narrations using my own voice. I’m now more than comfortable hearing my own voice.

It was a lot of work to get done in three weeks, especially on top of all the little odd-job tasks I have to get done at work and at home. Once finished, the application was immediately used for two tradeshows, hence the short deadline. The feedback on the application was very positive and I was told the application and hardware stood Valspar far above other businesses at the event.

Now just this week I received an Instant Recognition Award for this project. (Award is listed on the About page.) The award includes a certificate, recognition, and a monetary reward. The project was extremely rewarding in itself but it was awesome to get the award. I learned a lot of new skills from working this and can’t wait to tackle the next project!

Video Demo

Here is a video of the application being used. I just recorded the screen with a camera to save time so there is moiré. Also not that normally this is a touch screen but I was demoing on my PC so using the mouse to simulate touches. This version is prior to the final polish, but it’s close enough.




Videos from the Application

Most of the videos  from the application – again, all shot, edited, and narrated by me. This can also be found in my Cinematography portfolio:


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