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JetPens | Video Producer | 10/2014 – Present | (site)

  • Create commercials, tutorials, blog accompaniment, and promotional videos.
  • Manage YouTube account, drove average subscriber rate to 335% in eight weeks.
  • Build workflows and turnkey setups for streamlined video and audio production.
  • Collaborate with content experts to write scripts, then self-record voiceovers.
  • Manage shooting schedule, video assets, and asset pipelines.
  • Streamline workflows using innovative and creative solutions, reducing project time and costs.
  • Select, purchase, organize, and maintain all audio and video equipment.

Apple | Multimedia Specialist | 6/2013 – 10/2014 | Contract | (site)

  • Shoot product videos, case studies, speeches, conferences, keynotes, and events.
  • Produce Apple product training videos using hands on device and screen capturing.
  • Collaborate with writers and content experts to produce creative briefs and scripts.
  • Finish videos with short turnarounds including same-day and overnight edits.
  • Localize videos in over 10 languages using vendors and in-house translators.
  • Produce webcasts, live demos, shows, and teleconferences using multicam setup.

Stupid Fun Club | Video Producer | 4/2011 – 12/2012 | (about)

  • Lead video presentation pitches for high level concepts sent to clients.
  • Directed videos to pitch high-level concepts. Sent to ABC, Mattel, and other clients.
  • Managed shooting schedule, video assets, and asset pipelines.
  • Recorded mock segments used to solicit funding for a show pilot.
  • Made product demonstration videos for toys, applications, and technology.
  • Used motion graphics to create mobile UI animation and navigation prototypes.
  • Mocked up wireframes and produced rapid prototypes during UX design.
  • More...
    • Worked with camera dollies, Steadicam, DSLRs, and high-speed cameras.
    • Performed UX design for a range of applications, television shows, and games.
    • Created company website using HTML5, CSS, and other technologies.
    • Designed user interfaces for applications, games, and websites.
    • Sketched character, vehicle, and environment concepts for games and animations.
    • Planned and built infographics portraying schedules, data pipelines and more.

Valspar Corporation | Digital Media Producer | 11/2006 – 4/2011 | (site)

  • Self-produced video promos and motion graphics for tradeshows and events.
  • Recorded voiceovers and location audio then edited for video projects.
  • Shot videos for lab practices, safety training, and visitor orientation.
  • Selected, purchased, and maintained all audio and video equipment.
  • Photography of people and products featured in trade publications and websites.
  • Streamlined workflows using best practices reducing project time and costs.
  • Worked with various clients and talent including executives, engineers, and children.
  • More...
    • Produced advertisements published in packaging industry magazines.
    • Developed infographics displaying complex lab data, finance, and workflows.
    • Created icons for use in applications, sites, and documentation.
    • Designed logos for various products such as ValOR, ValLid, and ValFlex.
    • Implemented UX design to create flash application for tradeshow touchscreen kiosk.
    • Received two instant recognition awards for quality work and time management.


Striiv | Motion Graphics | 5/2014 – 2/2015| (site)

  • Used 3D animations and effects to create product advertisements.
  • Repurposed old footage and assets using creative editing and motion graphics.

Rosetta | Motion Graphics Animator | 5/2013 – 6/2013 | (site)

  • Animated mobile device UI screens for product release video.
  • Helped complete project for major tech-company client with global audience.

Bupkis | Editor | AnimatorDirector | 8/2012 – Present | (site) (work) (making of)

  • Directed several interview spots and product promotional videos for
  • Animated graphics, lit various product shots and demonstrations, and edited.

Finelite| VideographerAnimator| 3/2013 – 6/2013 | (site)

  • Filmed and edited CEO presenting content and shot B-Roll of demonstrations.

  • Built and animated graphics to convey technical processes.

24hr Fitness | Motion Graphics Trainer| 2/2013 – 3/2013(site)

  • Taught creative director and team After Effects and demonstrated best practices.


  • Prototyped video stinger for company logo while teaching.

Jhana | Videographer | 7/2012 – 9/2012 | (site)

  • Lit and filmed interviews with content experts for Jhana customers.
  • Recorded, edited, and sweetened audio resulting in clear and precise sound.

Valspar| Designer | Illustrator | 11/2011 – 8/2012 | (site)

  • Made product artwork for monobloc bottles to be displayed at tradeshows.
  • Illustrated corporate holiday cards for email distribution to business partners.

Europe-China Strategic Alliance | Designer | Animator | 12/2011 – 2/2012 | (site) 

  • Designed brochure and poster in multiple languages for recruiting campaign.
  • Created and animated flash banner with strict file size constraints.

Other |Videographer | Animator | 2010 – Present

  • Produced promotional video for DJ using green-screen keying and motion graphics. (work)
  • Created animations and edited voice over for product demo. (site)
  • Transformed logos into animations for Friendly Gravity, Visimo, Appearim, and others. (work)
  • Completed video production and editing for Howcast video tutorial. (work)


Cinematographer | Producer | Editor | 2006 – Present

  • Cinematographer/Colorist for Sweet Dreams, a San Jose 48HFP short film. (work) (making of)
  • First AC on Last Note film; Pulled focus, swapped lenses/filters, and pushed dolly.
  • Worked with SAG cast and large crews.
  • Authored and animated menus for Rumor of Blue Sky documentary DVD. (site)
  • Directed and produced short film Passing the Cross, managingeight cast/crew. (work)
  • Drafted digital and traditional storyboards and plots for short film Crescendo.
  • Captured b-roll and interviews from various conventions for cosplay documentary.
  • Directed, animated motion graphics, and edited a Kickstarter pitch video. (work)
  • Contributed to projects with long hours in diverse environments with harsh conditions.
  • Operated various cameras, microphones, mixers/consoles, and lights.





Motion Graphics
Directing & Producing
Sound Design



Audio Recording
Writing & Storyboarding
Color Grading
Special Visual Effects
3D Modeling & Animation


Graphic Design
Data Asset Management
UI/UX Design
Web Design




After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools


DVD Studio Pro
Speed Grade
Adobe Story


MS Office





Video Cameras
Cinema Cameras
Camera Support
(H)DSLRs and Lenses
Lighting Equipment
Video Switchers


Audio Consoles
Field Mixers
Camera Dollies
Camera Jibs
Steadicam Operation


High Speed Cameras
Motion Control Rig
Aerial Rigs
HD Workflows (4K)
RAW Video
Drawing Tablets


Bachelor of Science Degree 

in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production


Some Courses

Documentary Film Production Acting for Film and Video Corporate Television Production Producing and Directing
Filmmaking II Post Production Sound TV Production Audio for Video
Advanced Desktop Video Digital Audio Business of Production Lighting II
Scriptwriting II Multi-Camera Field Production Studio/Location Audio Digital Imaging for Multimedia & Web
Special Visual Effects Advanced Non-Linear Editing Video Engineering Editing Theory
Video for Interactive Media Broadcast Studio Production